Shop that keeps Diyarbakir’s culture alive: Darik

Turkey’s southeastern region is very close to two troubled countries, Iraq and Syria. However, there are many elements in this region that attract foreign tourists.
Diyarbakir, which is one of the oldest centers in the region, is a very important city. It is possible to trace the ancient Mesopotamian culture in the region where the feudal order continues even today.
In this post, we will tell about a shop that has become the focus of interest of both Turkish and foreign tourists.

Seyyit Karsu, a 29-year-old college graduate from Diyarbakir, started to make various products by collecting wooden pieces from garbage. Karsu, who turned his hobby into a sort of art, then threw his arms to trade.
Seyyit Karsu
Karsu sells his products at his place on Yenikapi Street, where the historic Four-Legged Minaret exists and one of the streets where Kurdish rebels and state forces collided once upon. The store, where tourists flock, reflects Diyarbakir’ culture.
Four-Legged Minaret in Diyarbakir’s Yenikapi Street
“I created products from the stuff I collected from the garbage. I opened a store four years ago when interest got higher. I opened three shops before and closed them. I have two shops right now. I graduated from college and when I couldn’t find a job, I decided to do my own thing,” says Karsu.


“This street, where the Four-Legged Minaret is located, is a tourist spot. When people walk into the street, they find peace. I wanted to reflect the culture of Diyarbakir in my shop. We need money to build a workshop here. If we open a workshop, we will reduce costs and we will provide employment for many people. I’m waiting support from the authorities to realize this,” he says.

Here’s a video of him and his shop in Turkish language: