Turkey’s first infinity pool will be at Cappadocia

Niziplioglu Holding is preparing to invest two important hotels in Mecidiyekoy (Istanbul) and Cappadocia.
Mr Omer Niziplioglu says they have further plans for hotel investments throughout Turkey:
“With a total investment of 100 million dollars, we will start operating the hotel in Mecidiyekoy in June 2019 and the hotel in Cappadocia in 2020. We plan to invest in Pamukkale and Ephesus regions in a few years.”

The group’s currently 350 beds capacity will reach a thousand by the start of the operation of these two hotels. Omer Niziplioglu says that the architecture of the hotel in Cappadocia will be very interesting. He states that this hotel will be shaped like a balloon that has become the symbol of the region.

“Our hotel in Cappadocia will have 350 rooms. The hotel will also include areas such as ballroom, meeting rooms. The hotel will also include an infinity pool and this is a first in Turkey,” he says.