Richness of Azerbaijani culture: “Elifba. A Cultural Alphabet”

Revealing the richness and prism of Azerbaijani culture, the book “Elifba. A Cultural Alphabet”s launch was made in Istanbul


Here’s the story… In 1864, Mirze Feteli Ahundzade, who’s actually a minstrel that initiated the realism movement in Azerbaijani literature, offered to form an original Azerbaijan alphabet based on Latin letterb instead of Arabic letters. While seeking support for this idea, he came to Istanbul and laid the foundations for the birth of the new Azerbaijani Alphabet. “Elifba. A Cultural Alphabet” written exactly 155 years after this date. With a book entitled “A cultural Alphabet”, the first presentation of the first illustrated alphabet of Azerbaijani language was made in Istanbul, where the original idea was born 155 years ago.

Ms Ulviye Mahmudova, Editor-in-chief of Azerbaijan’s leading Nargis Magazine gives the following information about the book as a collection:
“The book ‘Elifba. A Cultural Alphabet’ is a guide that examines thirty-two aspects of Azerbaijani culture. It contains information for each letter of the Azerbaijani alphabet, such as architectural monuments, art works, historical traditions and folkloric characters. In addition, the book contains short information in Azerbaijani, Turkish, English and Russian languages for each of the thirty-two letters. Although the book seems to have a simple explanation at first glance, there is a serious research in each letter with the participation of literary and artistic experts.”

Mr Mehdi Nagiyev, Chairman of the Association of Azerbaijani Business People in Turkey (TAIB) also made the following statement about the book:
“As part of the unitary friendship bridge between Azerbaijan and Turkey, we are very happy to have this special night. I would like to thank the valuable managers and team of Nargis Magazine, who have taken great efforts to see the Azerbaijani Alphabet’s value and to leave this rare work to future generations.”